Emotional Freedom Technique Made Simple


Emotional Freedom Technique, also referred to as Tapping (EFT) is process developed for the purpose to assist a person in overcoming the things in our lives that have hindered our ability to move forward. Events or truamas in our past can have an effect on the things we desire to be involved with in our present day lives. This particular technique helps the mind to identify what we currently want to be able to agree with while letting go of the part that has caused us road blocks. 

 Made Simple Magnus Procrastination comes about because there is a part of you that doesnt want to do the given task. With Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) you can get rid of that part of you. Many people say that they need more motivation to get things done, which is partly true. But I would say that if you have set yourself a goal then you have all the motivation you will ever need. Whats stopping you is the barrier of negative beliefs and emotions.

As a student I always used to procrastinate my essays.

They felt like really hard work, I didnt think theyd be good enough, and I always had other things I wanted to do. So Id leave them until the last minute, when I knew Id get in trouble if I didnt do them. The fear of getting in trouble gave me the extra motivation. When people say they want extra motivation, they think they need an extra negative impetus to spur them on. Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) removes the negative feelings that sop you from moving forward in the first place. When I work with clients on procrastination, we identify everything that is preventing them from taking action and tap those negative beliefs and actions away. So when you are thinking about starting a task, you might find a negative internal dialogue taking place. I would sit at my desk and hear a voice in my mind telling me I didnt know where to start, that I didnt understand the subject and that Id never finish the work. Its not nice to have those negative thoughts in your mind, so youll distract yourself from the task in order to avoid those feelings. And the work isnt even the real source of those negative emotions, its your mind and the associations it has created. With Tapping, you can literally find those negative thoughts one-by-one, and release the negative feeling that you associate with them. That way you probably wont think them again, and if you do, they wont have the same emotional impact, so youll dismiss them easily.

 Its wonderful how powerful this technique can be. For example, I used to hate tidying my house and doing the washing up. But when I tapped away all the negativity around doing those things I found I actually started to enjoy doing them. When I tried this technique with my friend, we tapped away all the negative feelings and beliefs that were stopping him do his taxes. When we had tapped them all and he couldnt think of any more, I asked him if there was anything else he wanted to work on... and he said no, hed rather go and do his taxes. You will have to be persistent, but the side-effects will be very interesting for you. Other areas of your life will benefit positively. In my personal case I found that using Emotional Freedom Technique on household chores stopped me procrastinating in other areas of my life.

Emotional Freedom Technique really can transform your life!